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Frequently-Asked Questions

How are the photographs produced?

Photographs are individually produced by the artist on acid-free archival paper and are signed by the artist. Photographs are reproduced as seen in the camera, without manipulation of the image. Because each is individually made, photographic prints will vary slightly. Photographs are available in various sizes, with or without mattes and frames.

What is a photo illustration?

Photo illustrations allow for some artistic interpretation; they may combine several photographs or involve the digital manipulation of an image. Photo illustrations are individually produced by the artist and may vary slightly. Photo illustrations are printed on acid-free archival paper, are signed by the artist and are available in various sizes.

Images included in The Meerkat Family Album are photo illustrations which have been manipulated using computer graphics capability. Each is individually produced by the artist, printed on acid-free archival paper, and signed by the artist.

What is a limited edition print?

Prints are produced on a press using a lithographic or offset method, creating a set number of nearly-identical pieces. Most prints are sequentially numbered by the artist, while a few are unnumbered series.

A numbered edition will include a pre-determined quantity of prints, produced at the same time and basically identical except for the unique number assigned to each print. (Ink variations and paper characteristics may also create differences between copies.) Once the pre-determined number of prints has been sold, the edition is sold out and the art will no longer be available except through the secondary market.

Each print is signed by the artist.  Editions vary in number depending on the subject, but no edition of Mr. Lemberger's work is over 500.

But I don't have any wall space!

If you prefer to wear or use art, rather than hang it on your wall, please check out Lemberger Stuff to Go! where many of the artworks on this site are available as t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, baby items, calendars, clocks, mouse pads, memory boxes, etc. If you do not see the artwork or item you'd like to buy, please let us know at mikelemberger @ hotmail.com (without spaces).

Where can I see more photos and prints?

Visit www.pbllimited.com to view more images.    


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