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Michael W. Lemberger spent his life documenting the history and ordinary people of southeastern Iowa, through his own photographs and by collecting images produced by other photographers in the area. In 2017, his entire collection of 1.5 million images -- his own work and the materials he collected -- will be donated to the University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collections Department, for permanent archiving.

Through a historic and innovative collaboration between the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa, the materials in The Lemberger Collection will be made available both in person and on line. The University of Northern Iowa will share curated images through Fortepan Iowa ( http://www.fortepan.us ), a pilot project to share high-resolution images under Creative Commons licensing.

Education is a major focus of The Lemberger Collection, particularly the education of Iowa students about the history of their state. To that end, a small sampling of images are shared here for the use of students in a new program called EXPLORING THE IMAGE. Students from kindergarten through 12th grade are encouraged to choose a photo and create a project based on that image -- for example, writing a fictional story, studying architecture, interviewing an older relative about memories, creating an art project, or revisiting the location and photographing what currently exists at that site.



Wapello Street Viaduct

Jefferson Street Viaduct

Old Market Street Bridge

1950s Des Moines River

Building Wapello Street Viaduct

Wapello Street Viaduct and Marina Gateway

Market Street Bridge being torn down

Vine Street Bridge

Vine Street Bridge from inside

Ottumwa Bridges

View upriver 1986

Muni Swimming Pool

Ottumwa Heights College

New Ottumwa Heights under construction 1960

Indian Hills Community College 1985

Main Street Pedestrian Mall 1979

Ferber Sculpture on Ped Mall 1978

Pee Wee Grocery 1941

Central Park Bandstand 1939

The Hub -- 1940

Swenson Bakery 1950s

Theaters 1944

Aerial view downtown 1945

Mixmaster intersection of Highway 34 and 63

Washington Junior High 1984

Broadcast Center East Second Street

South Ottumwa Bank

1993 Flood at Quincy Avenue

1947 Flood - Jefferson Street Viaduct

1947 Flood near Morrell Meatpacking



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